The International Army Games 2018 INDIA – CHINA – PAKISTAN -पहली बार एक साथ - Videos


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  2. Best policy for pakistan is that we should boycott pakistan.Because they have jihadi mindset.
    And Chinese and Russian are communist.They only support Communism in India.Just because of communist policy Indian economy was very poor in 50s to 90s era.We are growing with only 1-3% but now we have open market with some gov. restriction and our economy growing with 7.2%.
    Modi Government is doing good thing for our country.

  3. This military war game will be good for both India and Pakistan. Because as we can see that both China and Russia want India and Pakistan to resolve their issues but I don't think it is as easy as it looks. India and Pakistan have been bitter rivals in the past just like North-Korea and South-Korea.

  4. below comments me pakistani bhi hai
    Indians aur pakistani dono ke comments se lag rha hai hum indians ke vicharo me kahi na kahi ugrata panapne lagi hai aur politician banne ki lalak bhari padi hai.
    how lols we become!
    we the people who drag our country in future to make great , not in back to the past during british India.
    we have to make our country great not by speeches but by innovative ideas.
    Rise above hate.
    Give love, receive love.
    Jai hind.

  5. Bhikariyon ki aukat dekho Russian tanks pe Indian Flag ko ghand ki tarah hilayen ge. 😆😆😆😆
    Din m 100 bar Pakistan ka wazifa krte rehte h. Itna chota Mulk h pir bhi India ki gaand paadi howe h. We don't even care about them.


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