The Job Interview – Vocabulary Story #6 - Videos


The Job Interview – Vocabulary Story #6
Anna gets a job interview from her dream company, but she is extremely anxious. Will she survive the job interview? Watch the story to find out
Vocabulary story that enhances your vocabulary through complex word usage. Includes high frequency GRE and SAT words to help future test takers get the score they want!



  1. In case you were wondering: "How many ping pong balls can you fit in a Boeing 747?" is actually used as a behavioral interview question at companies like Google. The correct answer to this question is not really an answer. The interviewer is trying to see how candidates think. If you are given a scary question like this, think out loud and ask clarifying questions like "what about the space in the galleys?" to show the interviewer you are thinking about the question. The interviewer wants to make sure you have critical thinking skills.


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