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In this video we look at the present perfect continuous tense in English (also called the present perfect progressive) we’ll look at how you use it, in which situations and compare it to the present perfect and the present continuous. After this video you’ll know it perfectly

We also have made a video about the past perfect here

And the difference between the present perfect and past simple

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We go deeper

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  1. Oh my goodness. I'm the first who liking this video and putting a comment in the comment section. I'm chuffed to bits by this video. I really enjoyed this useful lesson, as well. You're really a seasoned (experienced) teacher. Great job!

  2. I´ve just been watching your video an I´m really impressed.
    I knew pretty much the use of this tense, but I didn´t know that in
    certain situations the present perfect continuous can be used for past actions.
    Now I have a deeper understanding. Thanks a lot!

  3. Thank you Gideon! That was the most exhaustive and accurate lesson about the present perfect continuous that I have ever attended! I am so grateful to you, really; I think that grammar is not so easy to explain and you have the talent to do it easily without waisting so much time; I always appreciate your lessons! Keep on doing this great job! I look forward to watching your next interesting videos! Stay mellow too. Bye! Paola

  4. Hello Gideon , and welcome back with another IMPORTANT , FUNNY and AMAZING video lesson. You know which is my opinion about your video lessons, and i won't change my mind. I'd like to say that NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU. I 'm sure you know what i mean…. and to cut a long story short, i 'll just say that " ALL YOUR VIDEO LESSONS ARE MY CUP OF TEA". Let me also say "THANK YOU" because "YOU'RE AN OLD HAND AT THIS" (as an compliment)and your way of teaching is an EXTRAORDINARY ONE , A PERFECT ONE ,just like you. So ,there you are , thank you for this video lesson, stay mellow you too and i'll see you soon.

  5. Great lesson as usual. I've got a question: is it possible to use another tense instead of the PPC in the sentence "I'm tired because I've been working all day"?

  6. I like the way you give explanation, and I can easily understand what you are saying without subtitles.i m glad to be able to do this
    Thank u for your effort to give us English rules in a simple way

  7. Hi, thank you for your video. 🌸 There is just one thing where I disagree. I think it is not correct to say that the present perfect is a past tense whereas the present perfect continuous is a past tense that also includes present time. As you stated in your video about the difference between past simple and present perfect, the present perfect is also used to indicate a link between the present and the past. The time of action is in the past, before now, but not specified, and we are more interested in the result than the action itself. By using the present perfect continuous we are interested in the activity ( which may not have been finished). Both tenses have a connection with NOW. Greetings from a German follower. 🇬🇧🇩🇪


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