The Secret To True Happiness And Fulfilment By Dr. Farhat Umar - Videos


The Secret To True Happiness And Fulfilment By Dr. Farhat Umar Paul, who is a Motivational speakers, Soft Skills trainer, Poet, Veterinarian, Geneticist and Social Activist.
He has conducted scores of workshops on Personality Development and is a celebrated public speaker.
He brings you ‘The secret of True Happiness and Fulfillment’. Must watch for all.

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  1. one request sir – please make a vedio on how to give your 100 percent in every moment of ur life. As we do it when examination is Near or when something very important comes , at that time we do work with complete focus and accuracy. so what can we do to keep the energy always on the top. I know that we r humans and it's not possible always but atleast we can try our best in everything.
    Thanks alot sir
    this is my humble request

  2. very helpful session sir..moreover ur presentation style is awesome.. sir since u r molecular geneticist so cud u plzzzz review my physical anthropology answers ..if yes i wud b very grateful to u.

  3. Awesome lecture. It can make a depressed soul happy. This session has made us realise that there are lot of things in life. We become depressed when we start to give importance to just a narrow band of things. We need to see the larger picture. There is so much to do in life. Hats off to Dr Umar. And thanks to Unacademy.


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