Third year IIT Bombay electrical engineering student captures the essence of bubbling Mumbai and it is beautiful - News


Hoards of aspiring filmmakers and actors travel miles to the dream city Mumbai every year, however, very few can grasp the essence of the bustling city and enjoy living along with it. When third-year electrical engineering student Pulkit Goyal travelled to Mumbai from a small city in Chattisgarh, he did not have the faintest idea about films. Neither was he coming to Bombay to make his name in films. As any other serious engineering aspirant, he studied hard and cracked IIT JEE Mains and Advanced to join  Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in the year 2015 and end up joining the Electrical Engineering department.

Pulkit, who is the head of the film club in IIT Bombay, recently uploaded a film named ‘Bombay Showreel’ on YouTube. The film…

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