This Guy Got Admission Into India’s Topmost B-School IIM -A Despite Scoring 89 Percentile! Here’s How! - News


One can’t get anywhere in life without utilizing their maximum potential with determination and hard work. No amount of talent counts if the individual is not willing to work hard on their dream.

Interviews, sometimes, can really change your life, especially, when it is for something as prestigious as an IIM entrance, IIT entrance, or a government job. As we all know every MBA student dreams to get admission into IIM-Ahmedabad, which is India’s top B-School at the moment. The cut-off percentile is very high i.e. 99 percentile and for many students, it is an IMPOSSIBLE aim.

However, this guy from Haryana named Vidit Garg (A general category student), made it to the IIM-A just with 89.7 percentile in CAT exam, can you believe it? Even…

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