Time and Distance || LIVE SESSION || for SSC CGL, Bank po and all competitive exams - Videos


Time and Distance is an important chapter for all competitive exams like SSC CGL, Bank PO exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO and all other government job exams. If understood in conceptual way, this is the easiest topic among all the different topics in competitive exams like SSC CGL, Bank PO, Bank Clerk etc. So to cover this chapter from basics to exam level questions Bhutesh Sir is taking LIVE SESSION which is helpful for all the students and they will be able to solve all Time and Distance questions correctly and within time for all exams like SSC CGL, Bank PO, CDS and all other competitive exams.

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  1. sir u r paragon of me while teaching.please upload more difficult questions from percentage, profit and loss, averages,simple and compound interest , time and distance

  2. u r teaching touches my heart .i am south indian i understood all the classes of you eventhough you teach in hindhi .thank u sir.please provide some more difficult questions please sir.

  3. for the questions that the car drive at 2 speed 40 and 60km/h the time is 10 hours distance is half by 40 and half by 60,we assume time for 40km is y so time for 60km is 10-y and d=sxt d/2=40x y ,,d/2=60(10-y) the formula will be 40y=60(10-y) ,,so y is 6 the 10-6=4 hours for the60 km then d/2=40×6=240 + d/2=60×4=240=480 km


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