Tips For NEET & JEE || Topics of class-12 - Videos


Students Be calm & perform like a winner in JEE exam .
Wishing success for You .
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PICS INSTITUTE provides Class room programme for IIT-JEE | AIPMT | CBSE XI | XII . PICS INSTITUTE provides #Free education for the subject #Chemistry for #NTSE ,#NSTSE,#KVPY, #Science Olympiad and School exams etc. #Students can get exercise based upon this law by subscribing our you tube channel and sending request in comment section.



  1. Sir,Thanks alot for ur support throughout my perparation. My jee paper is on 15,plzz suggest me that which topics i should brush up more.I have to score atleast 100-110 or more in chem to get my score upto 280-300

  2. Sir in case in any question all the given options are wrong then should we attempt that question??….
    And if two options with same value is given….then what should we do????

    Pls tell sir


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