Tips For Writing Awesome Answers in UPSC CSE Mains by Roman Saini - Videos


Tips For Writing Awesome Answers in UPSC CSE Mains:
UPSC asks different kind of questions to test your analytic and critical abilities, which are necessary for any aspiring candidate to function impartially when he/ she becomes an officer. In this session, Roman gives you important tips for writing the perfect answers in UPSC CSE mains. He provides valuable information which will be very useful for all UPSC 2018 and further aspirants.

Bureaucrats, in their day-to-day business have to deal with many situations that tests their analytic and critical abilities. They ‘discuss‘ issues with their colleagues or subordinates; they have to ‘analyze‘ various factors before taking a final decision; they need to ‘examine‘ a case to assess its merit; they have to ‘evaluate‘ a situation before passing an order; and they may have to ‘comment‘ on different files based on empirical evidences.

These skills will enable you to form an unbiased opinion or judgement in such diverse situations. Must watch for all.

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  1. some people told me to start ans writing before prelims itself….i was worried that how do i practice ans writing along with prelims preparation??? should i join mains?? or should i join prelims test series??? then unacademy came to my rescue..THANK U SO MUCH ROMAN SIR!!!


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