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Hi guys! This is Vensy from NALSAR, back to give you your daily motivation for CLAT.

Often, when I have set my vision towards ambitious goals, I find myself asking if I have accomplished enough in a day. I suppose my biggest fear in life is not using my time efficiently. In order to ensure maximising my productivity in a day, I always break my goal into smaller tasks.

So when it comes to CLAT, how should we go about it? How do you know if you have done everything in a day towards cracking the exam? You need to maintain a to do list! You need to follow this list every single day without fail, and slowly you will see your goals being reached.

So what should this to do list contain for law aspirants? There is no one to-do list that is best for every student. Some of you might be terrible at math or GK, while others need help with English. So customise the list according to your needs. I can give you an idea of what it should look like:

You can use a similar table on your white board or planner notebook, and tick the tasks every day. You should definitely read the newspaper every day. And immediately after that, you should make ten questions from the newspaper you just read, along with 4 options. These questions will be brilliant for revision later. Another task is to learn 10 new words per day. Make a note of them, along with the meaning and also, the USAGE of the word, this is the most important way to improve your vocabulary. Next, make sure that you’re reading books, any kinds of books. Can be fiction or non-fiction, but stay away from your Harry Potters for this purpose. Instead, challenge yourself and read difficult books, this will train you not only for reading comprehension but also for law school, where you will be forced to read big, difficult books for five years.
Next, make sure you solve 20 math problems in a day, maybe from the same topic, maybe from different ones. If you go wrong in a problem, mark it, and do it 3 times. This is the only way to develop speed and accuracy.
The next task is to learn 10 new legal terms in a day. You can find these lists easily online. Make sure you memorise them thoroughly every single day.
Next, solve 10 or more static GK questions. It can be from past year papers, but also from the huge number of free resources available online. Finally, solve 10 current affairs questions, from recent months, to ensure that you are on track with your CA prep.

Remember, this list is only a suggestion, you will need to include 5-10 more items on it, based on your strengths and weaknesses.

I suggest that you write the to do list on a chart and paste it on a wall in your house where you can see it every day. Before going to bed, mentally tick everything you have done that day.

One more way is to write it on a paper and stick it in your daily planner, if you maintain a diary or journal. You can tick the items every single night before going to bed. Do you have a whiteboard in your house? One other way is to write down the list on the board and mark the tasks as done every day. At the end of the week, erase the tick marks, and start with a fresh board for the next week.

At the end of each day, if everything on the list is accomplished, consider yourself successful and go to bed! you deserve the rest!

If not, you have failed that day. Don’t go to sleep before you cross off every last item remaining on that list. Don’t go to bed as a failure, go to bed knowing that you have pushed yourself one step closer to your goal.




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