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You are preparing for TOEFL? TOEFL Listening is designed with standard format of TOEFL-listening:
1. Conversations
2. Lectures

Useful application for improvement of TOEFL Listening (Conversation & Lectures)

– TOEFL Vocabulary is needed for all 4 skills like TOEFL Speaking, Listening and Reading, Writing. These words can be very helpful if you want to improve your English reading and writing skills.

– TOEFL test , IELTS test, TOEIC test, GRE test, GMAT test, SAT test.

– 1000 Most Common Phrases: All phrases which use in an application is very common in a real life, you can practice, speaking and check result online. We will give you points.

– 1500 Most Common Words from basic to advance.

– Idioms and Phrases in English very easily and effectively. We have more than 3500 essential English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs collected and refined from many documents and resources. Quiz feature will help you remember phrases perfectly. It’s very easy to use.

– 700 common and useful expressions or phrases which you can use to improve and strengthen your English skills. With this app, you would like to know how many different ways to say hello, say goodbye or ask someone’s health etc.
Moreover, you can boost your English vocabulary by learning new words in various topics such as airport, bank, colors, shops etc. These phrases or expressions can be used not only in your daily conversation but also in academic writing. All phrases and expressions in this app are based on Britain English.

App’s Features:
● Listen & Read lesson with Audio & Transcripts
● Most Common Phrases with audio supported.
● Most Common Words with audio supported.
● English Idioms & Phrases
● English Useful Expressions
● Essay for IELTS.
● Help you learn vocabulary 4-5 times faster
● Irregular verbs.
● American Slang.
● English Idioms by Categories.
● English Phrasal Verbs.
● English Pronunciation.
● English SAT Words.
● English Tenses.
● Search lesson.
● Bookmark manager. 
● Download audio file.
● Background Audio Mode.
● Two listen mode: Online or Offline.

Let’s improve all of your English skills: English Listening, English Grammar and English Speaking right now.



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