Top 10 Number Series Tricks for Bank PO | Clerk | IPPB | SBI [ In Hindi] - Videos


Number Series are very Important for every competitive exam like Bank Po, SBI Po ssc cgl and CAT, it surely come with minimum 5 marks.
Binary Coding :
Coding Decoding :
Spotting Error :
Order and Ranking :
Static Gk :
Alphanumeric Series :
Mensuration :
Direction Sense :
Computer Awareness Videos :
Average Aptitude Tricks :
Reasoning puzzle tricks :
Ratio and Proportion Tricks:
Partnership Problems Tricks For IBPS PO :
Time And Work Problems Shortcuts and Tricks:
Percentage Problems Tricks and Shortcuts:
Time Speed and Distance :
Probability :
Mixture and Alligation Tricks :
Blood Relation Tricks :
Permutations and Combinations Tricks :
Quadratic Equations Tricks :
Profit and Loss Tricks:
Number Series Tricks:
Banking Awareness (Static) :
Inequalities Short tricks:
Speed Maths video :
Simplification And Approximation:
Simple & Compound Interest tricks :
Data Interpretation All Parts :
Syllogism All Parts :
Complex Circular Arrangement:
English Important Videos :
English Vocabulary :
Reasoning Puzzles :
Machine Input Output Reasoning Tricks :
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  2. sir जी 15 21 39 77 143
    इसमें डिफरेंस के बाद 2 का square+2 फिर 4 का square +2 इसी तरहा 10 का square +2 से ही हो जायेगा

  3. A watch is sold at a profit of 20%. If both the cost price and the selling price of the watches are decreased by Rs. 100, then the profit would be 5% more. Original cost price of the watch? pls help


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