Top 5 Preparation Tips for JEE Advanced 2018 with Mr. Ashish Khare - Videos


Top 5 Preparation Tips for JEE Advanced 2018 // Join Ace JEE Mentor, Mr. Ashish Khare, as he decodes myPAT’s Official JEE Advanced 2018 Mock Test :

In this actionable webinar you’ll be going through:
• JEE Advanced 2018 Sample Maths Questions
• Target Setting: Marks vs Rank Analysis
• Objective vs Subjective Question Analysis
• Learn from previous year JEE data
• Identifying difficulty level of questions

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  1. In a +4,-1 exam, suppose I am left with 15 questions unattempted in the last… say 2 mins. Now,if I make random guesses for all the 15 questions, I have to get only 3 of them correct to ensure no decrease in my score. Any other question attempted correctly straightaway gives me +5, improving my rank by about 750. Is this logical? Should this be done?

    By the way, the webinar was quite helpful.

  2. Mr. Vivek (from mypat) i must say ur addressing during the seminar is a bit demotivating for the students, when you talked about the changes in jee 18, ("using O MY GOD" n all ). This was really an energetic seminar by Khare Sir but please mypat, we request you to take care of the words and gestures used by the organisers (as here Mr. Vivek). As it would be enough to harm one's confidence and performance in jee. ( The same line could have said in a simpler manner ), Several lines used by Mr. Vivek here in this seminar are criticised by many parents, students and teachers.
    Thank you.


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