Top 6 Habits to reduce stress during IIT JEE / NEET – Entrance Exam preparation - Videos


It is said that “student life is golden life,” because student’s life is the most important part of human life.

It is the period of pure joy and happiness, because the mind of a student is free from cares and worries

of a grown-up life.

But, in fact, Student's life is as joyful as stressful. Students have to juggle between their studies, sports,

extra-curricular activities and learn various other aspects of life. Managing all these activities

simultaneously often causes stress and anxiety. Here are top 6 habits which students can practice to de-

stress themself.

1- Reading and writing: Both reading and writing are very common hobbies that people use to relax. A

survey conducted by university of Sussex showed that reading even for just 6 minutes can be enough to

reduce stress levels by 68%. You can choose to read inspirational or non-fictional novels to motivate and

explore your knowledge as well. Writing is another way to relieve from stress. You can write your

emotions or bad experiences to vent out your feelings. You can also try writing poems, stories or songs

etc to be creative.

2- Drawing and Painting:

Drawing and painting can be a beautiful and soothing way to calm your mind. The different colors have

different energy levels and can significantly impact your mood. Blue, for example, is associated with

tranquility, purple with creativity and meditation, green with freshness, yellow with optimism, orange

with vitality, red with passion, etc.

3- Music and singing: You might have heard that shouting loud helps relieve stress. Whether you are a

good or bathroom singer, you can try singing loud to de-stress yourself. Researchers at Standford

University have found that rhythmic music may have a therapeutic effect for treating a range of

neurological conditions as it stimulates the brain and may even change brain function. Both listening

and composing music may help relieve stress and calm your mind. Music therapy reduces anxiety,

improves cognitive health, decreases pain and promotes feelings of power.

4- Photography: Paul Grundy, A self-taught photographer who witnessed his father's suicide had

confessed in an interview how photography has helped him overcome years of depression. Studies also

suggest that "contact with nature seems to be good for health. Photography takes your focus off of

yourself and engages finding beauty and purpose in everything that makes the art of photography quite

healing and satisfying.

5- Dancing: It is well said that work like you don't need the money, Love like you have never been hurt,

Dance like nobody's watching. Dancing on the music of your choice is considered to be one of the best

ways to get rid of stress. It also makes body's muscles flexible, fit and improves breathing techniques.

6-Meditation: At the end of hectic and tight schedules of daily activities, whole body gets stretched and

brain muscles get strained. To relieve both body and brain, meditation is one of the best methods to

soothe the body and relax the brain. It also increases concentration and refreshes the memories.

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