Top tips for getting Ph.D. admission letters | How to get into a fully funded Harvard Ph.D. program - Videos


Apart from getting good grades and GRE scores, here’s what you can do to virtually guarantee an admission offer from a decent Ph.D. program (with full funding)!

Get some legitimate research experience under your belt.

Professors prefer recruiting graduate students with decent research experience.

Publish in journals with a Thomson Reuters impact factor or SCImago journal ranking, even before getting admitted to a Ph.D. program.

A legitimate first-author publication in a good journal is guaranteed to impress the admissions committee.

Request reference letters from referees who themselves have decent publications.

Work with researchers whose reference letters can make a difference.

Professors abroad cross-check the publications of the applicant’s referees as well.

Conduct your pre-Ph.D. research at premier research institutes.

Get trained on sophisticated research equipment that is currently in huge demand.

Get some relevant industry experience if possible.

Get advanced training in literature survey, research methodology, manuscript submission/grant writing, and mention it in your CV/SOP.

Write a powerful statement of purpose that clearly shows how your research experience makes you a highly eligible Ph.D. candidate (without sounding too boastful).

Organize research events such as seminars and workshops, with help from your mentors. This shows initiative.

Compete with your peers and try getting an award in research-related competitions. This will showcase your competitive side to the admissions committee.

Do your homework and identify at least a few Professors with whom you would like to work, if offered an admission letter.

Go through their important research publications and try to understand their work. Have your questions ready for them.

However, do not commit yourself to any Professor before finishing your lab. rotations.

Otherwise, you may get stuck with a weird/creepy Professor, who might waste your precious time and create hurdles for you.

Finally, keep yourself updated with the latest research in your field.

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