Northeastern University in Boston, Pace University in New York and some other top-ranking universities have developed programs for international students that allow them to gain admissions without any exams. Get a free consultation on pathway programs:

Undergraduate and Graduate Pathway programs are ideal for international students who need additional English language and academic preparation before continuing to a degree program at a U.S. university.

Northeastern University

International students can join a degree preparation (pathway) program on the Boston or Seattle campus if they don’t yet meet Northeastern’s English language admission requirements, or get help to enter a degree directly if they do. You can also apply directly to a master’s in California.

During a pathway program, small class sizes, dedicated student support, and social activities will help you find success at this top 40 ranked university.

Programs start at $14,000
Pace University

The Global Pathways program combines English and academic course work, which offers international students a path into undergraduate and graduate degrees at Pace University. The university team is dedicated to helping students integrate successfully at Pace University and in New York City.

Programs start at $11,000
University of South Florida

At USF, international students join a supportive community that is committed to helping them integrate with ease into American university life while preparing for degree studies. Living and learning in the heart of the USF campus, students will develop friendships with other American and international students and have access to all the academic, social, cultural resources and activities at the University of South Florida.
USF offers academic Undergraduate and Graduate Pathway programs designed to prepare students to progress with confidence to University of South Florida undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Programs start at $20,000
Colorado State University

At CSU, you can choose from more than 70 bachelor’s degree programs, 125 concentrations and 80 minors. That means you’ll have the ability to reach your goals — no matter what they are.

Programs start at $14,000

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  1. Hello Marina!
    I'm from an African country Frensh speeker and i want to be admetted at an American university!
    How can I Get the admission without TOEFL?
    which University don't need translated graduation?
    Perhaps studying English befor begining the Master's degree is requered ( six months or more)!

    I need your Answer.
    Thank you!!

  2. I have master degree in civil engineering from Malaysia and I want continue my PHD degree in US , do you have a any recommendation about this kind of studies in America ?

  3. Marina thank you so much for your informative and to the point videos. I was wondering if there is a possibility for you to talk about PhDs in the US in the same way, meaning: how to apply, how to get a scholarship (types of scholarships available), eligibility, rate of acceptance of International students, the exams that students should take and any other information that is helpful.Thank you so much :)!

  4. Hi. Im International relations graduated, I love to study in america. To practice my english speaking. But i think i can't do it. I have no job to support my financial. But if there is any posible to take to study or any opportunity like scholarship assistance, im willing and able to grab it. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Hey! Thank you for inspiring me each and every time💕
    Can you please make video on how to get into Harvard Business School or in top rated management colleges. Mostly in top universities the college fees are way too expensive for international students. Can you please give advice on how can we make it there ( preparations need to done) and how can we get financial assistance for it?
    Thank you💕

  6. Спасибо большое МАРИНА, очень полезное видео
    Многое узнала
    Thanks a lot for all useful information
    By the way you look stunning in your new dress
    Waiting for the next video)))

  7. Hiii I just saw your video about TOEFL and for the University I’m applying I need a +85 Score… I have been learning English since I was a little girl. I’m going to present TOEFL on December, I already know the structure of the exam but I feel kind of attached to the Writing part… do you have any advice for me? Thanks!


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