Topper’s Talk – Akash Singla – IRS Officer – UPSC Mains || Civil Services || IAS Exam - Videos


Let’s have a word with Akash Singla, IRS Officer, 2015 Batch.

Let’s ask him a few questions about the preparation of UPSC Exam.
About staying motivated through the journey of UPSC, how to choose the optional subject, etc.

The video also contains answering questions for UPSC Mains appearing candidates. Like whether to go for attempting all the questions (including the ones we don’t know much about) or whether to attempt the ones we know the best.

Which pen works the best during the gruesome process of Mains. And a lot of other, related questions.

Find it out here in this video.

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  1. Mr X aap bhut achhe teacher hain, aap btayiye apne bare main bhi kuchh, theek hai sir apna name mat btana lekin apni preparation, attempts, mistakes, strengths, optional etc k bare mein to bta do sir, plz plz

  2. Thank you sir. May you live for thousands of years and continue to rule over our hearts. I am now 19 years old. And want to crack IAS at the age of 21 or 22. Your efforts will never go waste. We people will be there for you.


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