Trick for CAPACITOR | Spherical Capacitor | IIT JEE problems solved in 10 seconds ! By- Kartikey Sir - Videos


In this video, you will come to know how to find net capacitance in case of spherical capacitor! You will get a trick to solve IIT JEE problems in 10 seconds.



  1. Hello sir! You are doing soo much for us! Your hardwork makes me feel try harder! And don't worry sir, you are doing your level best we understand! And yes we love you sir!!! Please come up with new tricks for us sir ??

  2. Sir homework Wale question mai 5 negative potential se connected hai aur 5 infi potential se bhi connected hai aur hamamra 1 bhi infi ke sath connected hai to sir Isko kaise simplify Karenge… SMj nahi aya… If I am then also correct me

  3. Thank you very much, sir, for this trick…..And the answer for homework ques. is-4πϵ [ bc^2/(ab+bc-ca)(c-b)]
    And please sir dont stop uploading such helpful videos this help me a lot…

  4. sir ji maine apko fb pr request bheji thi aapne accept kr li …. pr mere message ka reply nahi karte ho aap…. please reply ….
    aur ye video bahut badiya isse mujhe bahut madad mili……


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