Trick to find inverse of matrices | Full concept of 12 + IIT – JEE | Inverse matrix in hindi | - Videos


In this Video you Will find How to find “Inverse of a given Matrix” Of class 12 And IIT -JEE Level Concepts….

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A Trick to & How to find the INVERSE of a 3×3 Matrix, this is shortcut method to find inverse. this is best alternative to Gauss -Jordan or Row Column Transformation method. Useful for CBSE NCERT class 12. And calculus . Inverse of matrices 3×3 & 2×2 . elementary operation transformation is Already Explained in HINDI on my channel.Matrices in imp topic for CBSE(NCERT) class 12 .You can also find it useful for NCERT Solution.
tricks of matrices are also useful in JEE and CET.

Matrices and Determinants in Most imp. Chapter for class 12 .

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