Tricks & Concepts to find TIME PERIOD in SHM |Part-2|For IIT JEE/JEE MAINS| Kartikey Pandey(IIT BHU) - Videos


This is the Second Part of the Video on Tricks & Concepts to find TIME PERIOD in SHM. In this video,You will get different cases of SHM. You will get the trick and concept for calculation of angular frequency and TIME PERIOD of the body performing Simple Harmonic Motion.This concept will help you in solving questions of iit jee.



  1. Sir modulus of rigidity wale que. Me 1 wala parallel aur second wala series hai……. Aur parallel ka ans. Hai 2pi under root of 2ml upon(n1+n2)A…….. Aur series ka hai 2 pi u der root of 2ml(n1+n2) upon n1n2A….. Please tell me if it is correct??? ?

  2. Sir yr lectures r jst awesome….They r helping me a lot in my jee prep@ration. ? But i want you to put other lectures of shm on torque and energy method… Please do this as soon as possible ?


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