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Gape: I stood gaping at her 😛
Goofy: #Kamlesh is a goofy guy.
Gigantic: The size of the sun is gigantic.
Grit: Saktiman had a bit of grit in his eyes.
Giddiness: Inhalation of smoke can cause giddiness.
Gyrate: Salman Khan gyrated on the floor in “Jag Ghoomeya” Song.
Ghastly: I felt ghastly after the electricity had gone.
Gruff: Then I heard a gruff voice in the dark. F**K!
Germinate: The idea of general relativity germinated in Einstein while watching a man falling from the floor.
Gaffe: It’s healthy to make real gaffes in the beginning of a relationship.
Gesticulate: Dhoni gesticulated at Chahal to get Maxwell stump out.
Gingerly: Celebrate valentine but gingerly 😛 Kya hai na chutiye KHALI ghoom rhe hai.
Glib: Shashi Tharoor is a glib, trying to convince Britain with his glib answers.
Glaringly: Girls do dig their nose, but not glaringly.
Glare(Anger): Don’t glare at me if these examples are obscene.

Glut: There’s a glut of garbage in our oceans.
Glutton: I’m occasionally gluttonous.
Gorge: I can gorge myself on chocolates.
Guzzle: She guzzled a beer and ordered another.

Gloat: Don’t let your enemies gloat over you.
Glee: She opened the gift with glee.
Glossary: I make a glossary of grocery products before going to market.
Gloss Over: Hritik glossed over his link-up with Kangana.
Go Between: The umpires act as a go-between in matches.
Godforsaken: Naini is a godforsaken place as there’s nothing interesting to see.
Granny: Hope your granny are healthy.
Grandeur: People enjoy the silent grandeur of desert in Gujarat & Rajasthan.
Grapple: India and Pakistan are grappling over Kashmir and significantly polluting environment everyday.
Grasp: She grasped the cigarette and threw away.
Gratuitous: Smart people don’t like gratuitous item songs in movies.

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