Tricks to find Rank of a word in Dictionary | Permutation | Explained by IITian | Jee Mains, Advance - Videos


Hello guys, today we are going to discuss rank of a word when all letters of the word are arranged in all possible manner as they are in dictionary. Problems are solved with proper explanation including some tricks. Using the trick you can find rank of any word within 1 minute.
Many of the students know the method of solving questions without having real understanding of the concept. If you are a JEE aspirant then you can’t afford to miss deep understanding of concepts. In this video lecture the method is well-explained with some examples (including jee previous year questions) and then we have introduced the tricks.
We have included both type of words.
Type-I Words without repeated letters.
Type-II Words with repeated letters.
We Hope, You will enjoy the lecture,

Team IITian explains

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