Tricks to remember members of ASEAN, BIMSTEC, SAARC, and OPEC (for UPSC CSE IAS, SSC CGL, CHSL) - Videos


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Learn super-effective tricks to remember the member countries of important organisations – ASEAN, BIMSTEC, SAARC and OPEC.

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  1. Refer for daily updates

    GCC countries trick – QUBOKS
    Qatar , UAE , Bahrain , Oman , Kuwait , Saudi Arabia
    (was asked in 2016 prelims)

    OPEC countries trick – AQUA VEIL SKIN G ( Gabon rejoined in 2016 , Indonesia left in 2016)

    Angola , Qatar, UAE , Algeria , Venezula, Ecuador , Iran , Libya , Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , Iraq , Nigeria , Gabon

    How to remember – Aqua because all nations are near water . VEIL SKIN because all are muslim countries and hot climate. Then a 'G'. That I hope you will remember. I got this from some website. dont remember from where.

    G20 countries trick
    GURUJI SITA AB SSC FCI ME job karti hain

    Germany , USA, Russia , UK , Japan, Italy , Saudi , India , Turkey, Australia , Argentina , Brazil , South Korea, Saudi Arabi , China , France , Canada , Indonesia , Mexico , European Union

    G7 trick – FCI J BUG
    France , Canada , Italy , Japan , Britain , USA , Germany (Russia suspended due to Crimea issue)

    G4 countries trick – BIG J
    Brazil , India, Germany , Japan (These are countries looking to join permenaant seat in UN)

    MERCOSUR countries trick – BAPU (Venezula recently suspended)
    Brazil , Argentina , Paraguay,Uruguay

    TPP (little wierd tricks ..hehe)
    Either remember "PUNJAB MMCC VS " or " MAN SUM PVC JCB " (but remember all are pacific rim countires

    Peru , USA , New Zealand , Japan , Australia , Brunei , Mexico , Malaysia , Chile , Canda , Vietnam , Singapore

    ASEAN countries trick – 10 nations
    Brunie , Philipines , Laos , Thailand , Vietnam , Myanmar , Indonesia, Malaysia , Cambodia , Singapore

    RCEP countires – 16 nations
    ASEAN plus 6 countries
    India, China , S.korea, Japan , Australia , New Zealand

    East Asia Summit – 18 nations
    RCEP plus Russia, USA

    SAARC trick – MBBS PAIN
    Maldives, Bangladesh , Bhutan , Srilanka , Pakistan , Afghanistan , India, Nepal

    States in India which has Legislative coiuncils – BATUK MJ
    Bihar , Andra, Telangana, UP, Karnataka, Maharashtra , Jammu&Kashmir

    Schgen agreement – first signed by FN LBW

    Money printing in India
    Salboni, Mysore (under RBI)
    Dewas, Nasik (under finance ministry)

  2. That was very helpful!
    Sir I have a query , although it is not related to the video but I need to know this.

    Recently I was watching a video on how to select optional subject & in that video it was emphasized that most of the questions appearing in GS paper 4 are based on Sociology and Public Administration & not considering these subjects as optional would cost us those marks because its difficult to comprehend them & difficult to answer without having a sound knowledge of these subjects. I don't know how these subjects really are but I have a knack for Philosophy and find myself comfortable. I also saw the questions came in Philosophy's paper and I could relate with them. So what shall I do? If I don't take Pub Ad or Sociology will it cost me marks in GS paper ! Please help!

  3. If i follow similar tricks for memorising everything, there will be like 100s of tricks and then it would be like now make a trick for these 100 of tricks. This fucked up shit is what I dont like about Indian education system. People should tell "dude listen go get a map and even if you familiarise yourself with the location of the countries and read carefully about the orgs even once then it would stay in your mind for long enough to write in exam". But no here people say use some fucked up IPL mnemonics to mug up shit and vomit from your mouth in the exam and then go build a shitty country


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