Tricks to Remember p Block Reactions | Group 15 | Jee Mains, Advance, NEET, BITSAT & AIIMS - Videos


Hello Guys, p block reactions are very important for jee mains, advance, NEET and other examination. If you are facing any problems regarding Group 15 elements then you are watching the absolutely right video. Learn some cool and crazy techniques to remember p block reactions. we hope you will enjoy it for sure.

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  1. Sir you r d 1 of d best chemistry mentor in india. Ur intelligence level is incomparable……….. a genius, brilliant ……..Always help students like u do…….May Jesus bless u. ??

  2. sir i treat this channel as my classroom,,,
    sir i m a dropper neet aspirent..i have completed my inorganic..but sir i have phobia of some topics like K2Cr2O7 and KMnO4..and isomerism of cordination compounds….sir i request ur self plsss upload these videos in tricky ways…..plsesssssss


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