U.S. Muslim Immigration Issue: Critical Analysis by Roman Saini [UPSC CSE/IAS, SSC] - Videos


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Roman takes you through the entire issue of Muslim Immigration, existent in the United States. The issue rose to the forefront soon after Donald Trump took over as the 45th President of USA. Learn all the important facts and understand them through a critical analysis posed by Roman.

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  1. Thanks Sir I have been waiting since long time to heard Analysis for dese kind of issues…sir u were IAS so ur approach n ideas lot matter for us… kindly continue discussing initiative … kindly throw a light on Economy issues, Social Security, Medical n Pharma Issues, etc.

  2. roman sir…hlp chahiye sir ..JNUEE k liye….sab kehte h kafi tough hota selection. …plz sir plz….3-4 days s requestng u sir….physical brkdown hone k wajah s tym kam hogaya h sir….cse-2017 k liye bhi prepare krna h…

  3. Really sad to read other comments here which is full of hatred towards Muslims and muslim countries.. And these are because of modi govt continuously inculcating this against pakistan and Muslims..
    I agree with your opinion on trump's order to protect his country. He is really giving tough to our PM Narendra modi

  4. infact usa was fighting isis alongside iran in syria and now banning its immigrants. Russia has been quick to respond to this by saying iran is their friend. saudi Arabia is a perpetrator of terrorism in Pakistan and in Afghanistan but no action against them. Egypt has been excluded as trump has business interests in Egypt.

  5. our views can be built-in whole life,but for clearing upsc we must have the kind of mindset as Roman sir told,instead of being anti Islamic we should be pro lawful,strengthening our judicial potencies and IPC will work(yes uniform civil code of course) yes I agree some issue's are der which must be checked ,I remember gandhiji quote ”hate crime not criminal ” yeah, they(terrorist's) are having problems, different version's of religions they are following, not only we ,they themselves(shia-shunni issue's etc) are suffering whole islam is getting hampered but trust me of hating dem at the time they are needy will really again turn them towards quagmire in wich they are now,yes we aren't able to bear some people's but we can't punish a whole religion for it(we must punish the culprits like kasaab),for instance if let us suppose a world which is Islam free(just suppose it for a moment) den will we be able to live happily?? if yes den let's check history ,first} in fifteenth and sixteenth century's there were also genocides in name of Christianity and their follower's {angelican,Catholic,Lutheran,Calvinist) as a result whole Europe is still divided into various sect's of Christianity. in India Also there were fight between upper casteism and lower caste which resulted into emergence of various heterodox religion Luke Buddhism, Jainism , etc
    if not religion in countries like USA den there will be issue's for racial discrimination which ended with leadership of people's like Luther king Jr and Mandela.
    so history doesn't permits us to witness a peaceful society if we ban a single religion ,Rather Dan dis, we should promote education,development ,political activities revival(urgently needed as todays politics is only reason behind all dis sufferings) and strictly bounded judicial and criminal Law's
    swami Vivekananda had said once hundred year's ago(when no Islam phobia was der ) "THAT DER IS NOTHING MORE CAUSE OF BLOODSHED IN WORLD DAN RELIGION"
    PS :- I m not a atheist,our wonderful constitution gives us right to practice religion we must abide by our constitution.

  6. The list of above banned seven countries were prepared by Obama Administration itself….Trump had just implemented
    Roman please cross checked this fact as i came to know by the RSTV by Former IFS officer.


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