UCEED: D-Day - Videos


LIVE Stream TODAY @20:00 hours!! Talking about some last minute things. Stay posted!!

Details about what happens on the day of the exam itself.

10:23 – Ways to approach the question paper
00:20 – Keep your calm
01:11 – Different sections of the paper
01:41 – NAT explanation
04:45 – MSQ explanation
09:50 – MCQ explanation
12:24 – Good luck!

Contact MAK (@mak._0) or me (@jasonnandu) on Instagram or Quora, or comment on this video if you have any queries, and we’ll do our best to help you out!

VIDEOS (Design)
Check out the introductory video we made on UCEED https://youtu.be/-jtu4AfXPzs

My video on one of our courses, Elements of Design https://youtu.be/MYaktYxslsg/

The review of assignments from my first semester here https://youtu.be/-AVLeo8_ZjU

MAK https://www.instagram.com/mak._0/
Me https://www.instagram.com/jasonnandu/



  1. Is solving previous year papers sufficient?? I have not done any big research or tough preparation for this. .. but when i went through the uceed papers i didnt find it too hard… obviously time management factor was there but i m in doubt whether i m doing any over confidence…!!!
    I also wonder that every other people must be doing great hard work… this is making me nervous. .. please help and suggest something what should i do…


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