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In this course, Mudit Gupta will discuss the most important Geographic, Political and Strategic locations with the help of 350 MCQs based upon Maps. One of the highlights of the course would be the detailed explanation following each MCQ that would deal with in-depth importance, both Geographic and Contemporary, of the location in focus. Off-lately, UPSC has been testing the candidate’s Geographic acumen through the questions based on maps. In the light of this dynamic change in the pattern of UPSC, this cartographic course will be immensely useful in augmenting the score in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. This course will be conducted in English and the notes will also be provided in English.

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In this course, Ashna Sisodia will comprehensively cover complete Ancient, Medieval History and Art & Culture in the form of stories and elaborately explain topics, which will be helpful in solving MCQs in UPSC latest pattern and GS Mains Paper 1. The Course will be conducted in Hindi.

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Here in this video, we have Mudit Gupta And Ashna Sisodia who are verified educators on the Unacademy platform. In this conversation, Mudit Gupta And Ashna Sisodia discuss how to Prepare International Relations For UPSC, different foreign policies, current happenings and views over them and much more. Must watch for all the students wanting to know how to appear for this important exam.

Watch this video to clear your doubts and questions regarding UPSC Exam preparation. This video will also help you to plan for your examination and also to prepare examination strategy which fits best for you for the exam.

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Unacademy Conversations – Prepare International Relations For UPSC




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