Unit and Measurements for IIT-JEE Physics | CBSE Class 11 XI | Video Lecture in Hindi - Videos


Unit and Measurements for IIT-JEE Physics | CBSE Class XI | Video Lecture in Hindi

Measurement is the assignment of a number to a characteristic of an object or event, which can be compared with other objects or events.[1][2] The scope and application of a measurement is dependent on the context and discipline. In the natural sciences and engineering, measurements do not apply to nominal properties of objects or events, which is consistent with the guidelines of the International vocabulary of metrology published by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. However, in other fields such as statistics as well as the social and behavioral sciences, measurements can have multiple levels, which would include nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio scales

In this chapter you will study following topics:
Unit, History of Unit of Length- Meter, Properties of a Good Unit, Concept of Derived Units, Fundamental Physics Quantities Choice of Fundamental Physics Quantities, Unitless Derived Quantities, supplementary Quantities, system of Unit, unit Conversion, Dimensional Analysis, Dimension and Unit, Dimentionless Analysis, More Units of Length, Measurements of Length, Error, Reasons Systematic Error, reason of random Errors, study of Random Errors, Reason of Systematic Error, Round off, Significant Figures, Exponent from of Numbers/ Scientific Notation, Finding Significant Digits, Mathematical Operations Considering Significant Figure.



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