UPCOCA Bill 2017 Explained – Uttar Pradesh Control of Organised Crime Act, 2017 – UPPCS/IAS/UPSC/ssc - Videos


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  1. Chingari koi Bhadke, to saavan use bujhaye,
    Saavan jo agan lagaye, use kaun bujhaye.
    Criminals jab crime kare, to police and politician usse bachaye..
    Police and politician hi jab crimes kare, usse kaun bachaye

  2. They are doing very right thing it's need of time hard provision should be made against enemy of society ultimately they are harming innocent people . I think these kind of people should be punished but it should be proper provision for this and the better can be achieved by using the experienced servent of govt to tackle this situation and stop this completely

  3. Media involvement is ok untill unless it affects the upcoca…And upcoca was much needed initiative for up because crime rate is increasing…If its implementation is done carefully than it can bring the change in up which is actually required at this point of time…To maintain peace and law & order it is very important…

  4. I think many strong and strict laws are there by state and centre government but the problem is we are lacking in process of implementation because of whether it could be political problem and or corruption, so government should make some solution on control corruption

  5. for a long run this act will be proven right as we can see according to NCRB list up is the most criminilised state..nd authorities are also made to decide crime category so there r less chance to involve with corruption…..it would have been a subject of concern if they had given the powers of encounter……..but nothing is like that…so govt must come up with such kind of acts…..crime rate has gone beyond the level nd it is the only way to stable the conditions

  6. I think UPCOCA is a good Rule . But implementation of this UPCOCA must be Proper . And there Should be same Tough Rule for the officials of Government , iF they implemented the Rule in Wrong way ,They must be under UPCOCA .

  7. paid media fake news media trail…this is not the fourth pillar of democracy…sometime media make innocent people victim….UPCOCA is better option for organised crime and for media trail…UPCOCA model must adopted by all the states beacause we have too much democracy that is too dangerous for our country………

  8. No doubt this act will control the crime rate of u.p. But if we summaries about all of such organized crime then we will find that politicians are root of this. So we should to focus to control leader organized crime act.


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