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Presenter: Suresh Kumar
Area: Science and Technology
UPSC Civil Services Exam 2018 – Prelims Answer Key
Part 1/3

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  1. I think an explanation is needed for the also. I knew that am the only one who gave option a (2 & 3 only) as correct answer.
    I would like to bring into attention of all that this question is a repetition which was earlier asked in 2013 prelims. But the tricky thing is, in that previous 2013 year question, there was NO 2 and 3 combination (plz check for yourself)but in 2018 paper, it was given.
    In xerophytic plants, hard and thick waxy structures are not leaves at all. They are phylloclade modifications where leaves are reduced into thorns and stem is modified into green, fleshy and thick structures.
    If you see logically, if option 3 is correct then how option 1 will be correct as they are contrary to each other.
    In shrub species living in deserts, they have a small leaves to reduce transpiration. And the third statement is obviously known to all.
    So, the correct answer is option a (2&3 only)


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