UPSC Civil Service Prelims 2018 || CUT OFF PREDICTION, ANALYSIS, STRATEGY - Videos


This is a Must Watch video for those who are preparing for Civil Services Entrance Exam.
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Must Watch Video for Strategy:

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  1. Sir I easily eliminate two wrong options but when it come to chose the correct one of the remaining two I always made it wrong. And it happened for more than 20 question. And this is reason why my score drop even after scoring 50 to 60 question right in first go. Please advice me sir what to do. And this happens me with other exam also. Pls sir

  2. This channel is truly commendable.🙏🏻

    But sir could you please launch this CivilCoursify app in iOS.
    By doing so, even iPhone users can get full benefit, and can access stuff that are available in android app.

    Thank you.


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