UPSC CSE 2018 – Most Important Current Affairs Topics Part 1 – UPSC 2018 Preparation – Roman Saini - Videos


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UPSC CSE 2018 – Most Important Current Affairs Topics – UPSC 2018 Preparation – Roman Saini

In this live session, Roman Saini will guide you through all the important current affairs topics of the year 2017 which will be very relevant in the UPSC CSE/IAS Examination 2018. These current affair topics must be known in depth if one wants to crack UPSC CSE Prelims 2018 and then the GS 1 and GS 2 of UPSC CSE Mains. Genral Awareness is also a very important part of SSC CGL CHSL preparation. Must watch for all UPSC CSE IAS and SSC CGL CHSL Aspirants.

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  1. What is the meaning of the statement
    " Preamble is part of the constitution but not the ESSENTIAL part "
    Roman bhaiya please reply ASAP
    A great admirer of you & thank you for making such awesome videos.. it helps a lotttt…..

  2. High Class Aspirants :
    मेरे पास विजन कोचिंग है
    मेरे पास राव एकेडमी है
    मेरे पास खान एकेडमी है
    मेरे पास वजीराम रवि है
    मेरे पास दृष्टि है
    मेरे पास सम्पूर्ण राजेंद्र नगर के नोट्स हैं

    Remote Area/ Distant Area/Village Area Aspirant:
    मेरे पास …..

    मृणाल है
    Unacademy है
    रोमन है

    Keep IT Up Sir 🙂

  3. Tamil Selvam:
    Make a list Of important current affairs topics ( topics only) month wise
    Because we don't know what to study how to study
    As we are fresher , we struggling more sir
    Please make it

  4. sir you are oxygen for UPSC aspirent Specially non Delhian ..Special Thankx keep it up…and take care of health as well as in this video your energy was little less ..
    next time With more energy sir..

  5. Sir could you make lessons on some policy, guidelines and bill type of topics please. Will be grateful, thanks, great work by unacademy otherwise also, am a huge fan of many educators, keep it up guys.

  6. Sir,
    I also want to know about posting criteria of all posts in Bank and SSC. My home is in Lucknow, U.P .Can i get posting there through any government job.
    Presently i am working in CISF as a Assistant Sub-inspector and i am posted in Calicut Airport, kerala.
    So i am almost disconnected with my home and dear ones. So i want a job in which i can serve in or near Home town.Please guide me for it.


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