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Knowrackle Publications provides guidance and assistance for interview exam. For online preparations of the interview for UPSC Exam.

About Knowrackle Publications

Knowracle Publications was started by civil servants and other professionals to bring the most tactfully designed material to the doorstep of the aspirants. The purpose is to bring useful yet reasonable material for the students.

Each year more than 200 students clear the UPSC CSE by taking guidance from the mentors of the Knowracle Publications. For the first time ever, the experts have come forward through this medium to clear our doubts. No other Publication provides you the facility to interact directly with the authors/editors/experts.

We are invited by various coaching institutions in Delhi and other cities of India for special lectures to help students prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

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About NeoStencil:

NeoStencil is founded by AIIMS, IIT and IIM Alumni. It is India’s only Ed Tech Company that provides live online classrooms for top teachers. With a mission statement of Choose Your Classroom, it aims to revolutionize test preparation, by connecting teachers and students seamlessly. Live!

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