UPSC – Never Ending Journey By Manish Kumar AIR 61 CSE 2017 - Videos


Hello friends,

In this video.i will be talking about UPSC journey that at every step you get some surprise.




  1. Hello sir… I will appear in this exam in 2019…so what should I follow to crack it in this single attempt…. I can't hold this as a cycle of 5 or 6 years… I found u a true and honest person that can guide me in a proper way..

  2. Sir, I am preparing with job since I cannot put financial burden on family(No option for me ).
    Now I was self doubting on myself after this year my 1st prelims.. Thanks for motivation since I have calculated and getting 106(At border for OBC) . Much needed motivation. Thank u sir.
    Now, it's time for Mains preparation with full flow.

  3. I live in Guwahati. There's no availability of materials for UPSC CSE here. The only resource is the internet. I had no guidance whatsoever for this exam. The few coaching institutes here are very hopeless. I got to know about PT365 and that they are available online to download for free but it was too late till then. Found out about them 3 weeks before prelims. Still I prepared how much I could from them in that time. I could solve a few questions from them but of course it was not enough. You have given some really good advice but I only came across your channel 5 days ago. It's like everything happened in the wrong time. It was my first attempt but I worked hard for it. It's really difficult to bounce back from failure when you have worked hard and you have to invest yet another year again. But I know I have no choice other than trying again because this is my only dream.

  4. Sath main rehna hamesa….Koi bat nehi mera vhi kharab hua exam…hardly 80 ayega….But sir no regret…Ha thoda sa low feel ho raha hain..but i think sabko ek bar phir hal ko chalana hain with full effecient….kon rokega???

  5. Sir if possible Kindly provide general strategy for mains(including optional and essay) and how to divide time for them for the following 6 months up to January.. Could I know your telegram channel for both Rbi and upsc


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