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  1. Theory of relativity implies expanding of universe and big bang. Link

    Also I have confusion regarding money bill question (still i have marked 1) but having doubt on 3rd option as well. From the link it looks like 1 only but need to refer laxmikant as well for that

  2. Sir, answer to 11th question is C; because a money bill doesn't deal with the appropriation of CONTINGENCY fund- that is maintained by executive action. On the other hand, if a bill deals with the imposition of tax, it is still a money bill. It is not necessary for a money bill to contain all the provisions of article 110. It can contain any one of those.

  3. paper getting dynamic year by year . 2016 it was all about current affairs less on core stuff. in 2017 it was more of a balanced paper. this time its like very general that we failed to capitulate


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