UPSC / RBI – Trick to remember Sustainable Development Goal By Manish Kumar AIR 61 CSE 2017 - Videos


Hello Friends,

In this video i will be talking about Sustainable Development Gaol. It is the favorite topic in UPSC, RBI and in other exam, because every year there is direct question from SDG.

Do watch this video , at the end of video you will be knowing all 17 SDG.

Manish Kumar
AIR 61 CSE 2017
AIR 49 RBI 2017



  1. PHHEEWS JEWS ne ACE DEWII kha ker RISC ko kam kiya phir RCP pe dhyaan diya aur fit hone ke badd ccw main LPG distribution ki naukari ki jisse unki savings badhe aur unhone aapne liye land khaareeda hue aur issase duniya main shante badhe (peace)..badhe aur society main inclusion aur cooperation badha …

  2. sir i am preparing for forest services want to make it for prelims with a bit higher score plzz guide me about that. what i am doing is that i am solving mcq only of all state pcs and previous year upsc as it plz guide me


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