UPSC – Solving the Prelim 2018 Question with student by Manish Kumar AIR 61 CSE 2017 - Videos


Hello Friends,

In this video i am discussing about solution of prelim 2018.

Manish Kumar
AIR 61 CSE 2017
AIR 49 RBI 2017



  1. Watched this long video along with question just now 1st time after the exam… So in first 50questions.. i also almost do the same thinking as u done…. Anyways nice to see a person like you… No wonder how you got 201in interview… Although i am not on FACEBOOK but i want to know more about you…

  2. CSAT was easy compared to last year… Coz if you see the graphs 1st instance you will immediately skip that.. but even if you for a sec.. those data hardly made us to do calculate.. so its all "what is the conclusion from the graph"

  3. After watching so many videos and tops and tricks.. i came to know that UPSC also watches those tips n tricks videos and delete those questions from their question papers.. so these kinda paper come before us in the final shape…WTF UPSC.. STOP PLAYING WITH OUR LIFES

  4. I really appreciate your determination, you are discussing the paper with fan off, and salute to your mother she is also there beside you. and we think ki A C hota to study achhi ho jati.

  5. Dear Manish
    Apart from wat u teach all of us I respect ur dedication
    U r not only talented but an inspiration
    Especially the way u r discussing the paper sitting next to ur mummy
    Thanks man
    Keep up d good work
    Hope even i can crack this exam one day just like u did
    God bless u n ur family

  6. No sir, Ur all hardwork valued….it gave us confidence that we have covered all the current affairs and also revise that.. that feeling would have never come …. without Ur hardwork… for me it paid up


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