UPSC – Solving the Prelim 2018 Question with student Part 2 by Manish Kumar AIR 61 CSE 2017 - Videos


Hello Friends,

In this video i am discussing about solution of prelim 2018.

Manish Kumar
AIR 61 CSE 2017
AIR 49 RBI 2017



  1. hii sirr ….. a humble congrats from my side for your achievement
    nd i have got almost 85 question right in 2018 prilms ,so it is prudent for me to ask u to make a special video for main ,that how shoud i have to aggrigate the thoughts alongside the current events ,becouse 2017 was a year of maximum reforms and consistency ,provide us the relevent information ,from where we should we have to start … and "what should be coverd nd what not" thanks alot for every single bit of dimension and width that u are discussing
    If i talk about the prelims2018 ,no doubt ,it was really unexpected ,but it was the aggrigation of whole trend fron 1987 onward …. both factual nd thoughtful only those had got maximum right answer who had a comrehensive analysis of previous yr papaer onward 1990 ……….
    nothing had asked out of trend ,Pevious yrr question paper were based on fectual information nd there was a mind set about the trend that UPSE is all about the knowedge and facts ,thenafter UPSE had insluded the special minimum thougt in their trnd henceforth the students had followed the thoughtful trend and similarly from 2016 onward UPSE had started reaffirming and aggrigating both factual and thoughtful dimensions
    so we have to awair all about these things before we start preparing ,those who had given attempt this year shouldn't have to demotivate themselve rather consider it an basic opportunity to realise the trend and may have to build a hope to qualify next time ,no matter whatever type of the question paper may b ……
    hope u will provide a video if i m not wrong …… thank u sir and those who have litttle difficulties to solve the 2018 prelims ,better be luck next time


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