Vector || Lecture-4 || Resolution of Vectors || For IIT JEE/NEET/11th || By-Kartikey Sir(IIT BHU) - Videos


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  1. 🙏🙏🙏Sir I am very very very very big fan of you and I am studying in class 11th at resonance indore but I am unable to solve previous year 😵😭🤒JEE Advanced questions of kinamtics So sir🙏🙏 I request you to upload the video of solution for previous year JEE Advanced questions of kinamtics Sir I am waiting for your next video on kinamtics📝✏️📰📑 Sir you are my last hope because there will be test of kinamtics in 2 August in my couching🙏🙏✍️📕📖☑️

  2. Please sir do a book review for organic chemitry theory book…Or just suggest among Paula Bruice Yurkanis /Solomon and Fryhle /Morrison and Boyd which would be better for Jee main and advance..Please sir

  3. Sir plz sare chpt. Cover kra Dena neet se phle.. I'm doing self-study at home.
    I'm your new subscriber but mene apki videos phle b dekhi the jb 2018 neet tha but muje bds m seat mile h I want seat in MBBS MD mere physics bhut weak plz sir helps m…I want proper full cptwise lecture..becoze I'm doing self-study at home. Only dependent on your videos sir.

  4. Dear sir, i have something important to tell you. I am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩. I am trying to get admission in an engineering college here which is the best we have. My exam is on September. Please please sir can you help me in solving the transistor problems in which it works as an amplifier and a switch ?actually the questions come nut there aren’t any lessons about those. In this very short time i have become helpless. Your videos really help me. Can you please make a video only focusing on the solutions to the problems (not so complex like jee advanced as it hasn’t been introduced very well in our textbooks i.e. not the mathematical problems) regarding it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE? Apko yaad rakkhunga sir dilse! Please thora meherbani kare sir

  5. Solve this: a driver is moving towards south and his velocity of motorbike is 40km/hr feels that wind is blowing from west to east.when he slow down his velocity at 20km/hr then he feels wind is blowing from north-west . Find the real velocity and direction of the wind.
    Pls 👍☺☺☺☺☺☺👍pls

  6. Solve this : equation of an object in rotational motion is, x = e (power -1) , y = 2cos3t , z=2sin3t where t is time.
    (i) find the velocity and accelaretion of the object at any moment.
    (ii) find the velocity at t=0


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