Vectors for IIT-JEE Physics | IITClass 11 XI | Basic Physics Video Lecture in Hindi - Videos


Vectors for IIT-JEE Physics | IIT Class 11 XI | Basic Maths Video Lecture in Hindi
This is the video of class 11 Basic Maths (1) : Vector. Topics covered in this video are as follows-

Direction of Physical Quantities- Vector and Scalar; Representation of Vectors- By Symbol, By Arrow; Position Vector- Need for Co-ordinate System; Distance & Displacement; Mathematics of Vectors- Equality of Vectors, Translation of Vector, Angle between Vectors, Multiplication by Scalar, Addition of Vectors, Collinear Vectors, Triangle Law, Parallelogram Law; Addition more than 2 Vectors- Polygon Law, Examples; What is Vector ; Subtraction of Vectors- Displacement vector; Unit Vectors, Special Unit Vecotrs, vectors physics class 11th, vectors physics, vectors iit jee.



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