Vectors, Part 4-Vector multiplication/ Vector product, Class 11 Physics in HIndi - Videos


Physics video lecture for class 11 in Hindi for the preparation of CBSE, IIT JEE, JEE, NEET, AIPMT, ICSE and all other Boards and entrance examinations.

This video lecture is on Vectors – Part-4 Vector products/ Vector Multiplication – Dot product and cross product with solved examples.

Topics covered in this video are:
1) Equation of a position vector?
2) Equation of a displacement vector?
3) How to find a unit vector from vector equation?
4) How to use a unit vector to find a vector equation?
5) Ways to multiply vectors.
6) What is a dot product?
7) What is a cross product?
8) Physical interpretation of dot product and cross product?
9) Graphical method to find dot product and cross product.
10) Analytical method to find dot product and cross product.

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