Vernier Caliper and Screw gauge, Units and Measurements Class 11 Physics in Hindi - Videos


Physics video lecture for class 11 in Hindi for the preparation of CBSE, IIT JEE, JEE, NEET, AIPMT, ICSE and all other Boards and entrance examinations.

This video lecture is on Chapter 1 -Units and Measurements, Part 8 – Vernier Caliper and screw gauge.

Topics covered in this video are:
1) History of length measurements.
2) How to measure the length of curved surfaces?
3) What are calipers?
4) Working principle of Vernier Caliper.
5) How to measure with vernier caliper?
6) How to find least count (Vernier constant) of vernier caliper?
7) What are zero error and zero correction?
8) What is screw gauge?
9) Working principle of screw gauge?
10) Least count of screw gauge.
11) How does Vernier Caliper work?
12) How does Screw gauge work?

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  1. respected Rewodu,
    i have become fan of yours. just awesome video. way of delivering lecture is more than best. knowledge of topic is delievered in a simple but effective manner.
    hats off to you……
    keep it up sir…….
    i too am a physics teacher
    but not as good as you are.
    nice to meet you.
    please keep uploading more videos specially on vectors and projectile motion


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