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The summary of the song:
There are times in your lives when you think that you have failed, and you wonder if you should quit. But have you really failed? Or, have you moved a step closer to success? If you have just begun doing something, and if the journey looks very difficult, have faith in yourself and remember that nobody is a born expert, and even your idols have worked a lot to achieve the desired success. There may be occasions when you fail to achieve something, but instead of seeing them as failures, try seeing what you have learned and achieved in the process and how your attempts have helped you to consolidate your learnings. Every day is a new day, and hence, stop imagining your entire life based on your today’s situation. To prepare for your future, be practical, rely more on experimentation and observation, and start making concise, easy- to-revise summary notes of whatever you have experienced and learned. Stop seeing yourself as a loser, let the sorrows heal, get up again, and move forward. Ignore all the unpleasant comments of people, and be proud of what you are because it’s only you who knows how much efforts you have put in. Instead of allowing failure to weaken your spirits, evaluate your strategy and the seriousness of the reasons which caused the failure. It is quite possible that you may be very close to the success, thus, instead of giving up too soon, have faith in yourself, be optimistic and focus all your energies and efforts just on what your masterpiece is- where you want to see yourself.

This 2.5 min song contains 20 difficult english words and it can help you to build your english vocabulary by repetitive listening during your idle time.
It has been scientifically proven that music helps in memory building, and that is one of the reasons why one can still recall one’s childhood rhymes, or sing old songs while playing antakshari, despite the fact that one might not have heard them since years. Rhythm and rhyming play an important role in memory building and that is why in many countries music therapy is being used to treat Alzheimer’s patients as well.

Do remember to share this song with your friends and relatives who might be preparing for various competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, Bank PO, SSC, CLAT, NDA etc in which 9-10 direct vocabulary based questions are generally asked in the verbal ability section.

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