Vocabulary Episode 119 | Unravelling, tumble, precipitate, bolstering , clamour - Videos


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This video is useful for IBPS PO, SBI PO, UPSC CSAT, RBI and various other competitive exams.
Today’s words are taken from THE HINDU’s Editorial.

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Article: The other debt issue: on the States’ finances

Words discussed are:
1. Unravelling
2. tumble
3. precipitate
4. bolstering
5. clamour

Playlist for English Vocabulary : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9cxGN9cAH4&list=PLxJNbXGrHdcWe4PMHJLQ7RZP8SRBrJOr4
In this videos we have presented the above selected english words for learning by example sentences. This will be useful for IELTS, TOEFL, IBPS, SSC CGL, SBI and most other competitive exams. English speaking is not a science it is only an art of learning words by improving your vocabulary with rich new words you can easily speak english with new set of words.

All the words discussed are given with meaning of the words and synonym, antonym of the words. We take these words from The hindu editorial which is believed to be one of the best in terms of editorial words used in their articles.

We must improve upon our English Vocabulary to enrich our knowledge in Spoken English as well as written English. Though British English and American English differences in accent, words from basic english to advanced english are mostly similar with some spelling variations.

Attending to English classes online will be helpful to improve basic english listening, english reading. Our videos are Prepared by selecting editorial words from the hindu editorial. We frame a few example sentences after providing synonyms with basic general meaning for the word and antonyms that is opposite words to the word taken from the editorial.
We also plan to introcude Idioms and Phrases in the future.

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