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homo habilis ka matalab hindi me,
homo habilis meaning in hindi,
homo erectus ka matalab hindi me,
homo erectus meaning in hindi,
homo ergaster ka matalab hindi me,
homo ergaster meaning in hindi,
homo sapiens ka matalab hindi me,
homo sapiens meaning in hindi,
prehuman ka matalab hindi me,
prehuman meaning in hindi,
protohuman ka matalab hindi me,
protohuman meaning in hindi,

hi, I am puneet biseria…. Welcome to vocabulary made EASIEST, finally The MOST EFFECTIVE memory technique to build your vocabulary skills is ETYMOLOGY; combine etymology with pictures, and lo, vocabulary made easiest.
And learn meanings in in HINDI.
Vocabulary made EASIEST is basically the easiest and fastest way to learn English vocabulary, as well as remember the words you have learnt.
Vocabulary made EASIEST is basically a series of vocabulary videos that is perfect for Beginner, Intermediate and advanced level students.
Each chapter of this series starts with basic & familiar words, to understand the ROOT WORDS and gradually difficult words are introduced in the subsequent chapters.
If you are following the Vocabulary made EASIEST series than you can learn new and difficult words daily in the easiest and most comprehensible manner.
All the words which taught are mentioned in the thumbnails so that you can easily REVIEW & REVISE the learned words.
All the videos of Vocabulary made EASIEST are arranged in a chapter wise fashion and thus everything is CLEAR and EASY TO USE.
Follow these lesson plans and you will learn 3500+ words with pictures and pronunciations.
All of these chapters of Vocabulary made EASIEST are specifically designed to help the students who are preparing for any competitive exam in India. Every care is taken to make all the chapters very interesting and there are no boring descriptions of English vocabulary.
I can guarantee that you will have fun in learning English vocabulary if you follow this Vocabulary made EASIEST series and follow the instructions. Vocabulary made EASIEST is not just for the students who are preparing for exams like IELTS, CAT, GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, BANK PO, RAILWAYS, as well as CLAT. However, If you are not preparing for any competitive exams and if you want to improve your vocabulary drastically then also you must follow this Vocabulary made EASIEST series. A good and wide-ranging English vocabulary impresses your friends as well as your employers. And just by following these lesson plans you can easily improve your English vocabulary, on a daily basis, without even going to a class.
Just make sure that you make at least one sentence on the word(s) explained in the video. This exercise of making a sentence in allows you to use your brain actively and the word you have learnt will be fixed to your memory. you can recall the meaning of the word once you make a sentence on the word, immediately, after learning it.
Everyday a new chapter is uploaded on Vocabulary made EASIEST and you can improve your English vocabulary on a daily basis.
If you want to become proficient in English only writing and speaking skills are not enough, you need to KEEP ON building your vocabulary.
Videos are the most effective ways to learn vocabulary as it is through the visual and audio mode and Vocabulary made EASIEST has all the features recommended by the best language teachers. And The second best thing about Vocabulary made EASIEST is you will not only find the meanings, you will also learn about the different forms of the word that is nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives and apart from building your vocabulary, you will also learn to pronounce words correctly and improve your general spoken English.
Different techniques are also explained to ensure that you learn Correct spellings, as correct spellings plays a crucial role in competitive exams.
AND therefore if you follow these lessons you will learn

This is the best course for Vocabulary Development and if you follow this you can learn 40 Vocabulary Words everyday. You can Learn English easily with these Lucid Explanation. It is Useful for Daily words used in The Hindu Vocabulary. Learn VOCABULARY ROOT WORDS for exams like SSC, SBI ,CBI ,POLICE ,IBPS ,LDC , LIC. Etymology is like learning Vocabulary with Magical Tricks and Fun.
If you learn etymology you will know how to learn 100+ english words a day. english vocabulary. And you can master English Vocabulary for Bank po and SSC CGL In Hindi.
Not only this, the Best trick for Antonyms Synonyms is to learn etymology.

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  1. I think there is no big difference between protohuman and homo sapiens because both of them learning how to survive but protohuman didn't destroy anything to survival but we are doing it every single day.

  2. 1) because of the homo habilis we learn how to make tools and how to use it well they gave us such an important gift because we can't win from a dog without tools it's make are life easy.

  3. 2) Now we have lot of machines, technology tools etc to build anything and if you look at our work ( like noida building) and look at the work of homo habilis ( making wheels and other things) you will see how greedy homo sapiens are they can't do anything with 100% purity.

  4. Home erectus had different size of feet than homo sapiens.

    I don't know how much time homo erectus take to stand but I know only humans take more time than any other creature takes.

  5. Homo ergaster teach us how to do a work and homo sapiens are teaching us how to be working alway they sent us school at the age of 3 and we do something and something till 60.

  6. What we have now it's only because of homo ergaster if they didn't do any work than we are never be like that.

    The desire behind any work is changed when homo ergaster did any work they did for their need but now we are doing things for joy sometimes for learning, earning etc.

  7. Homo sapiens are wiser than any other species and still they don't know how to manage their stress they have depression, anxiety etc no any other creature even had that.

  8. Only homo sapiens are suffering from their freedom even a dog is much free than us we have everything and still we don't find pleasure, peace, love etc in our life i think the reason is we achieve things by destroyed another things.

  9. Homo sapiens is the only species who is doing more work than any others species done and still not reach anywhere because we are doing everything only for survival we can't think beyond that.


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