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About the Video:

Are you in the initial phases of your GMAT preparation?

or stuck in the mid 600 range?

If you are just beginning your GMAT journey then I understand that it could be a little overwhelming without proper guidance and with the sheer number of GMAT resources out there.

Before you start your preparation, it’s important to understand the GMAT test pattern and how the GMAT algorithm actually works.

Once you understand how the algorithm works it’ll be easier for you to tackle the GMAT and get a good score.

Which is why you need to join me on Saturday, April 14th @ 10.30 am IST for a LIVE, action-packed webinar on “Everything you need to know about GMAT and key strategies to hack it”

During this webinar, You are going to learn:
1. How the GMAT algorithm works and how to make it work in your favor.
2. The top mistakes to avoid during your GMAT preparation phase.
3. How to prepare a study plan that actually works!
4. How to take a disciplined approach to study that will result in higher scores
5. Which GMAT practice tests to take and which to avoid.

Session Details:
Date – 17th April 2018
Instructor – Arun Jagannathan



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