[Webinar Recording] The Effective 100 Day GMAT Study Plan - Videos


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About the Video:

Do you feel your GMAT prep is unstructured and could be improved with a proper study plan designed to ace the GMAT?

If yes! then you will definitely find our webinar on “The 100 day GMAT study plan” useful!

During this webinar our instructor Aditya will Cover:

1. The 3 important phases of GMAT prep
2. A detailed 3-month study plan
2. How to effectively use our study plan
3. Best resources to boost your GMAT prep.
4. How to analyze the different Questions from the OG
5. How to break down & make notes to help you to help you solve questions faster.
6. How to make & maintain an effective GMAT error log
7. How to take up tests & analyze the mistakes on the test, overcome the mistakes.

Session Details:
Date – 18th May 2018
Instructor – Aditya Kumar



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