Wendy Williams Says She Has No Responsibility To The BLK Community - Videos


In this video, Cynthia G discusses an interview Wendy Williams did with Cosmopolitan in which she discussed her lack of obligation to the blk community.
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  1. To Purchase Merchandise from The Tee Spring Store: https://teespring.com/stores/cynthia-g-together-we-rise
    To support this Channel & View Exclusive Content that is not on YouTube, please consider donating via 2$ or 5$ via Patreon https://www.patreon.com/CynthiaG To Donate Via PayPal: paypal.me/CynthiaG84 To Contact me for Interviews or to send me news that you would like for me to speak about, email me @ Cynthia.gre84@gmail.com Follow me on Twitter @CynthiaGre84

  2. No matter how much wendy Williams bleach her skin she will always be black. Dont worry she will get her wake up call one day. Everyone work as group expect the black. Do you see a video of group of Asian beating a black women. While other blacks do nothing to help. Very sad.

  3. Williams is true to form similarly as her cohorts of other Black men, and women that are so called celebrity. Therefore, we as Black people need to ostracize them completely, by not purchasing anything that they are involved. Hit those traitors in the pocket, absolutely no financial support ever, and kick them to the curb permanently. It's guaranteed that Black people will always betray each other without a thought sadly. of course not all of us, but one too many. In sum, no support for those traitors they are on their own, and we need to begin the process now. Peace

  4. And this is one of the reasons why the black community didn't run to her defense when her husband was caught cheating on her, or when her coke head ass fell out on stage.

  5. "…We are being treated as a collective." #Truth!! And it's not rocket science…it's too bad most of us simply does not get it. It's only when it affects them, they then change their viewpoint.

  6. Wendy Williams is an idiot. Her level of intelligence barely registers so we are not missing out on anything with her. As such she does not owe us anything in my opinion. If she were to wake up tomorrow and decide to be about the betterment of our community and ask me how can she help. I would be the one to say you can sweep, help clean up the neighborhood, pass out papers etc. etc. I WOULD NOT GIVE HER A JOB THAT REQUIRES THINKING CRITICALLY! BUT EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!

  7. How about Omari Hardwick? Why is so many Black women supporting his presence when his wealth is clearly going to his in-laws. Check it out and you'll understand. This ridiculousness of "talking Black and sleeping white," or most of the time – marrying them. So many black male actors portraying slaves in movie roles and real-life experiences, go home to your oppressor's daughters? As soon as Omari and other black males like him step on the scene on talk-show platforms, you see Black women going crazy (screaming) in support of black males that commit racial treason. How can Black women support black males that don't support you? How does Black women continue to like black males who don't like or want them? Support Black Men that respect and love themselves. Support Black Men that teach and guide you and are not repulsed by you (Black women) because you may not "know." I will never support Omari Hardwick and others like him, ever!!! Anyway, we love you Queen Cynthia…please continue teaching and bringing awareness. You are awesome along with our Black men that know, we love you.

  8. Cynthia you talk about celebrities often and every time you do you claim that you don't talk about celebs much. Then right after you said you watch Wendy Williams quite a bit. Lol.

  9. I think Black people mimic the dominant society which are white people, only white conscious supremacist have white unity and only so called pro blacks have black unity, other than that all other Black people mimic white people and try to be vicious, lone wolf capitalist.

  10. I think you're absolutely right! I think we are just just a group and there's no denying that. I also think that she's trying to appease to Wwhite Daddy! Maybe knowing that her neighborhood is called her a 10-word yet but just wait till they get mad but there she's going to be nothing but an n. Only then maybe she'll show understand that not a darn things changed girl. Great commentary!

  11. Wendy Williams is an agent of the white supremacists in the system of racism white supremacy. She is an enemy of the revolution, to be viewed with suspicion, no differently than a white European descendant of Neanderthal Cro Magnon Troglodyte cave dwellers from the Caucuses Mountain. May her White Jesus have mercy on her soul at Mama Earth's final cleansing of the wicked wasteful white western way of life..



  12. Why do black people think they have to sell blacks out when they get money. She will want black support after these white people drop her – which is coming real soon.

  13. Good commentary. We should understand as black people we are seen and judged and even murdered based on our collective powerlessness within the community or society we fine ourselves in. The really sad part is that black people like Wendy and blacks in general, need to understand that any of us could end up like so many mothers and fathers in America who have buried their children or family members and KNOW they will not get justice nor receive equal protection under the law. Case in point, the guy who got murdered defending his family against a person who was known as a trouble maker and who just so happened to be looking for someone to murder in my opinion because he was packing and provoked confrontation consistently according to the store manager.

  14. Please leave Wendy Williams alone. She is NOT a Black Elite or a Black Leader. Black Elites and Black Leaders are the ones to fix Black Problems. Okay.

    You Black Americans, ONLY get together when White Racism strikes hard or when White Americans serve you HATE. Am I wrong?
    Face the TRUTH…You Black Americans are ENVIOUS of progress of one another. Now that HOLDS you as a Group DOWN the very BOTTOM of Society here in the USA.

    Africans DO NOT have this level of ENVY to one another. We will be glad somebody is making progress in whatever endeavour.

    New Delhi Indians and Asians come here and they HELP themselves. They are there in High Tech. Companies in large numbers (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, MDs etc.) These People make up 40% of all MDs in California. Black Americans about 4%. The FEW Black Americans that got in there, got there because White Racists just want to use them as Black FACE. Those FEW Black Americans HATE to see MORE Black People around there just DEFEATING the Black progress and White Racists behind them will give them GOOD Income for doing the ANTI-Black work for them.
    You Black Americans should have your OWN Technology established. I told you this before…….get Black Americans that have over $50 millions to give $1 million towards Black Technology Development Fund. Example if a Black Person is worth $260 million, then he or she should pay $4 million to Black Technology Development Fund. ( $1 million for every $50 million ).

    When Black Americans have their own Technology established ( Satellite Communication Systems, TV Networks, Computer and Cell Phone Manufacturing Companies, Car Manufacturing Companies etc. these Companies make over $100 Billions a year in Profits by the way ) then who cares if White People like you especially when you are producing Computers and Cell Phones and Video Cameras that work as good as White brands.
    Nigerians have STARTED establishing some of these Companies……Nigerians have the First Black OWNED Car Manufacturing Company at Nnewi, Nigeria. Get a Google page and type in "Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, Nigeria" and see STRONG Cars and Big Buses Manufactured by Nigeria Igbo Tribe Engineers.

  15. No…. because she shitted on her own people to get where she is…. and this was when she had her radio show… so I personally am not surprised at all… and neither should Black people in the northeast ….


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