What After UPSC Prelim Result? - Videos


Prelims 2018 Result is out.
Some have succeeded and some have not.
Let’s see what one needs to after the result for ensuring success.

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  1. I have been averse to coaching Classes but studying on my own also led to lack of direction. It’s my third attempt and I have finally cracked prelims. Thanks to Sleepy Classes and it’s entire team! You people not only helped me with the knowledge but also with constant motivation. Thank you so much again. Hopefully your mains course will help me sail through the second hurdle as well. Just please keep up with the regularity. Don’t go for quantity. I appreciate your quality.

  2. Though I couldn't clear Prelims this time but I can confidently say that whatever advice or guidance SleepyClasses has provided are immensely helpful for our preparation. This time also I will follow SleepyClasses and will try to prepare more holistically and to get a rank for sure…
    Thank You SleepyClasses for such an eye-opening lecture and a much needed one…

  3. But sir it's a honest request that i am damn sure that this year surely from sleepy classes some topper may be there but sir i am going to give it in 2020…plz don't add any cost after being famoused….plz.
    .sir…because we are average people and loving ur channel

  4. Sir we are preparing for 2020 and want to make a base or to cover the static part till next June….what to do….because there are lots of videos…ur full confusion…plz help sir

  5. hello sir, its a request from my side to kindly advise regarding those aspirants who are in the job of 9am to 6pm, 5 days a week. How they should go for UPSC preparation and finally succeed in the same…Please help sir

  6. Sir thanks you so much for all your pre mix series that I was able to get net 120 marks in gs paper 1 this time, after removing negative marks.
    But could not able to crack PT may be because of csat. As I am from arts background and a math phobic at the same time. I invested decent time in solving maths questions but it didn't help in exam. suggest me tips so that I can improve the same.

    Sir I want to request you to please make csat series for 2019 so that people like me can get through without any coaching.

  7. Hi sir good evening
    Sir u asked to do 'ccr = contribution, criticism and relevance'…
    *Sir My Ques to u is what is the difference between relevance and contribution?
    *Aren't they close enough or would have similar answers?
    I'm confused sir.. Please help


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