What do top business schools look for in MBA applicants? | All Your MBA Questions Answered - Videos


You’ve done your research, decided on the right business school, and the right one happens to be a top MBA program. Now how do you get in? Join us to learn how to assess and improve your MBA profile as well as study effectively to hit your goal score on the GMAT or GRE! 

In this session, mbaMission Senior Consultant Jessica Shklar (Harvard Business School MBA) and Manhattan Prep instructor Chris Peckover (780 GMAT) discuss the qualities that top MBA programs look for in business school applicants.

What this “All Your MBA Questions Answered” Session Covers:

– Understanding of how admissions officers will assess the qualitative and quantitative factors you bring to the table
– Approaches to improve in areas that admissions committees assess
– Approaches to studying for the GMAT or GRE in order to hit your goal score

Questions this session answers:

– How do admissions officers differentiate between so many qualified candidates?
– How do I study effectively for the GMAT or GRE?

Ideal for students viewers who:

– Are starting or have started their MBA admissions process
– Want advice on orienting their studies for the GMAT or GRE
– Want to understand how to assess their candidate profile



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